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Farm To Family


  • To produce grass efficient high fertility Hereford genetics
  • To raise the most flavorful, best tasting Hereford beef
  • To design nutrient dense pasture seed mixes for local cattlemen
  • To share soil health experiences with other farmers to multiply these results in other communities
  • To source nutritious meats, fruits and vegetables for local community health and well being


Kornegay Hereford Farms is focused on growing grass-efficient high fertility Hereford cattle that produce the highest quality best tasting beef any where in the US while improving local health and farm profitability.  

It's all about the BEEF but it certainly comes home to the pasture. The grasses are key to the production of the beef and even more important is the soil.  By using cattle to improve the soil, the results are better cattle genetics, tastier beef, and a healthier community. 

The passion to partner and share cattle management is rooted from riding along with my dad when he would take cattlemen to the pasture in that red Ford pickup. He was always willing to talk cattle and even more important, he was willing to share what he knew about cattle production. 

Ultimately, it's the best care for animals that is at the heart of every animal lover and it is what helps us rest soundly each night.

There's a certain amount of pride knowing that you have been a part of producing a healthy, happy animal. It's the pride of the land and care of the soil. When all the components of nature are working together and man joins in that delicate dance of nature, there's a beauty in it all. It's knowing that the land supports our families with food and health. It's a soil to soul connection that brings life.  

- Karen

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