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Do you want to become a Hereford Beef Cattleman?

Would you like to convert your farm to regenerative practices? Now is your opportunity!

"We do the marketing, you do the ranching!"

Our customer base is growing quickly and they demand quality, 100% grass-fed Hereford Beef that is grown using regenerative practices. We are actively looking for farmers and cattlemen that don't use pesticides, chemicals, wormers, hormone treatments, or other assorted modifiers.

Come join us on Friday, November 19 from 3pm until 6pm for real hands-on learning.

What are the requirements of being a KHFarms grower? Great question!

  • Required regenerative training at either our Fall workshop or our Spring workshop (time and dates TBA)
  • Use KHF Hereford genetics
  • Follow the protocol of KHFarms including: NO chemicals, pesticides, wormers, or hormones
  • Commit to regenerative grass management practices

Our Farm Training will help you understand why regenerative practices can reduce your inputs, labor, and equipment. During the three hours you will observe what makes soil health practices different from conventional farming and also tour our regenerative farming operation so that when you go home, you know exactly where to start.

Regenerating soil is not just buying a seed mixture. It's so MUCH more!

This tour is not just a stroll around the farm. Bring your own side-by-side or ATV. If you don't own one you can rent one for the tour at just $25/ATV or $50/side-by-side. (limited so reserve early). ADULT DRIVERS ONLY due to liability.

So again, on Friday, October 15 from 3pm - 6pm, we invite you to a real working Regenerative farm to train in regenerative practices and also learn about our stewardship model of soil fertility, animal husbandry and raising 100% grass-fed cattle.

For optimum education, the tour is limited as to participants and lasts approximately 3 hours. Get to experience how our beef is grown and raised, how our land is managed, and how you can begin the transition into Regenerative Ag.

READY TO START? Bring a copy of your property map including number of acres and any relative information. Fall is the best season to start regenerating your soils for a more productive spring.

The tour will begin and end at KHFarms Farm Store, where you can see the difference in our farm products.

Cost $500/farm -OR- $300 person.

(2 people per farm may attend with one purchase.)

Reserve ATV or Side by Side separately if needed. 

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